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Choosing an agent is one of the most difficult and meaningful decisions any given football player has to take during his career.


A personal relationship, based on professionalism and honesty between the player and his agent is necessary and even vital for the player's success.


For over 18 years I've successfully manged to act as a coach for all the age stages of FC Ashdod's youth. Act as a technical Director, Being in charge of the scouting department and filling for the role FC Ashdod's Academy Manager. 


During all those years, I've successfully discovered and nurtured young and talented player on a professional basis. Some of these youngsters have made national and international breakthroughs.


I've made personal connection in the areas of both football and the media.That I do on the base of a personal, reliable and caregiver relationship out of the interest of caring for the players' success. My guidelines are to take care for the conditions, assurance and the talent of the players.


In the summer of 2017, I've established the ISCOUT agency for players representation.

The players who are represented were strictly handpicked by emphasizing their professional potential, quality and of course personality these players have.


ISCOUT is a world class football management, FIFA licened agency and JV partner of London based agency - CAABASE.

ISCOUT is being advised by lawyer Nir Inbar Sport Law for international legal services.

Shay Attas, Executive Director, responsible for international affairs and overseas the local scouts.


Nitzan Peled, responsible for handling with ISCOUT clients at the northern side of Israel.


Amit Ezon, Certified Scout, responsible for talent identification and recruitment.


Ori Yosef, Certified Scout, responsible for talent identification and recruitment at the northern side of Israel.


Shahar Mor, Certified Scout, responsible for talent identification and recruitment at the southern side of Israel.


Panos Georgio, CAS Sports Lawyer, responsible international legal affairs of ISCOUT clients.

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Negotiating with football clubs
Support and self-confidence in and outside the field
Counseling & supporting both professionally & personally
Marketing and representation on the national and international levels
Protecting the professional and economical outlines
Intelligent use of written media and networks
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